Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV’s) and All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s), have become very important and useful tools for many Agencies and Departments. Let us show you how to  maximize their use and do so

safely. Our course is designed for all type of ATV’s and UTV’s, we have crafted the

course so as to maximize hands on time to enhance retention of skills learned.

Courses Offered:

1 Day - Basic ATV / UTV Tactical Operators Course  -- Prerequisites, read and be familiar

  with the owners / operator manual, know how to put the machine in drive / reverse, and

  know how to engage the various drive options the machine may have.

1 Day - Advanced ATV / UTV Tactical Operators Course -- Prerequisite is the Basic

   operator course, and documented a minimum of 5 hours operator time.

1 Day - Remote Rapid Ice Rescue Response.

1/2 Day -Night & 1/2 Day Winter Ops -- Prerequisite is the Basic ATV / UTV Course

1/2 Day/Night  -- drills and exercises

** All our courses require some level of physical fitness, please ensure members are cleared through the department to participate in all activities.

Topics covered:

During the one day basic course we will be covering the following:

  1. Properly Equipping your UTV / ATV for various missions, including a “Must Have” list of onboard equipment.

  2. Learning the limitations of your specific UTV or ATV.

  3. Patient Handling and Evacuation

  4. “Getting Stuck Happens!”

  5. Proper and Safe Winch Operations (Manual and Mechanical)

  6. Pulling a trailer with your UTV or ATV, thoughts and considerations

  7. Learn to read and negotiate various terrains such as inclines, slopes, hills, rough terrain and water crossings safely

  8. Use of ropes and webbing to stabilize your UTV / ATV while traversing or climbing a slope

  9. A specially designed law enforcement segment for Police.  (Contact us for specifics)

Course Fee includes classroom instruction, practical operations of your UTV/ATV on the training facility, handouts, coffee breaks and use of our ropes and ancillary equipment as needed to augment your UTV/ATV during the course.

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Only Bona-fide Law Enforcement, Military,SAR Professionals, and Industrial Businesses sorry  no Individuals

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TEVOC --  UTV EVOC Training for anyone who operates these types of vehicles.

UTV & ATV Tactical Operators Course

Some items covered in the Advanced course are:

  1. This course is unit / agency specific -- we will be reviewing the basics to start but then we continue to grow and build   on the knowledge and skills you got from the basic course.

  2. We will be going through basic field repairs for various causalities you and your machine may run into, how to change a clogged fuel filter, taking and changing a tire and tire repair from simple small holes to walking the tire off the bead.

  3. There will be scenarios for you and your team to solve based on your departments response capabilities.  For L/E and Military, you may encounter an EDP (Emotionally Disturbed Person) who is a place they shouldn't be.  You will have to detain and bring them back, you may end up deploying the TASER from the vehicle in order to gain control of the EDP.  For SAR and Fire, you may encounter an accident, where you will have to extinguish a fire, package a patient and bring them back.  Or determine the extent of a crime scene or HAZMAT situation dealing with mass casualty and evacuation.  Tell us and we will work with you to develop scenarios that are specific to your organization.

  4. When you sign up for the Advanced course, your department will get a form from which they will select various specialties they want us to focus on, ranging from SAR, and Land Nav to Rigging and Remote HAZMAT Response.

  5. There will be a lot more ropes and rigging covered at this stage as well

  6. The UTV / ATV may be the only way in and out of a remote scene we will show you how to use your machine in the most advantageous ways possible.

Contact us -- we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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